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ICMMPM2021 Are Sincerely Inviting Speakers!

Joining as one of the Speakers in ICMMPM2021, you can attend this conference for free, including the conference documents, lunch, banquet, present, and coffee break during the conference.
If you would like to join us, please send us your CV by email: committee@icmmpm.org

Speakers of ICMMPM2020!

  • Professor Kung-Chung Hsu

    Prof. Kung-Chung Hsu received Ph.D. in Department of Chemical Engineering at The Penn State University, in 1985. He worked as a senior scientist in the R & D Department of China Steel Corp. in 1985-1990. He was an Associated Professor in 1990-1996, and has been a professor in the Department of Chemistry of National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei, Taiwan, since 1996. Dr. Hsu has research interests in (1) preparation and application of dispersing agents in ceramic materials, (2) preparation and development of superplasticizer and self-curing agents in concrete, and (3) preparation and application of nano powder and graphene/polymer composites. So far he has published more than 50 peer-reviewed papers and obtained over 20 patents.

  • Professor Takahiro OHASHi

    Prof. Takahiro Ohashi is the head of Mechanical Engineering Department, Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Kokushikan University.Formerly, He directed 3 research teams, including the Metal Forming Research Team, of National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Trading and Industry (METI) of Japan. He is one of representative delegates of Japan Society for Technology of Plasticity, and the board of trustees of Aluminum Forging Association in Japan. He has been engaged in the research and development of new metalforming processes utilizing die and mold.

  • Professor Dong-Won Jung

    Professor Dong-Won Jung works in School of Mechancial Engineering. He has rich experience in metal forming field. He is a professional reviewer of plenty Journals, such as KSME (Korean Society of Mechanical Engineers), KSPE (Korean Society for Precision Engineering), KSTP(Korean Society for Technology of Plasticity), KSAE(Korean Society for Automobile Engineers), Journal of Ocean Engineering and Technology, Journal of Korea Society for Power System Engineering, the Korean Journal of CAE, etc. He also has lot of publications and academic conference experiences

  • Professor Vladimir A. Levchenko

    Professor Vladimir A. Levchenko is a distinguished professor of Taizhou University, Director of Institute of Advanced Соating Materials. He completed his doctorate in physics at the Lomonosov Moscow State University. More than 30 years of extensive work and experience in the areas of surface engineering and nanotechnology. Pioneered development of nearly frictionless carbon films and high-temperature carbon-based nanocomposites for severe tribological applications. He has published 5 monographs and more than 230 papers in reputed journals and serving as an editorial board member of repute. He is awarded by the international 4 Grand Prix and more than 40 gold medals for achievements in a science.